Ayşe Caner

Yardımcı Doçent
Lisans: Ankara University, 1983
Yüksek Lisans: Ankara University, 1986
YükseK Lisans: Ohio University, 1989
Doktora: University of Pittsburgh, 1997
Courses Taught: 
ED 101 Introduction to Education
ED 104 Social Foundations of Education
ED 382 Classroom Management
ED 452 Educational Administration
ED 490-98 Special Studies in Education
ED 558 Administrative Processes
ED 569 Field Experience

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An Interview with Dr. Heat Lowry Concerning his Observations During his Visit to Turkey, Pittsburgh Turkish-American Association Digest, 1990.


European Union Project Partnership and Study Visits

European Values Education (EVE)
Reference number: 503068-LLP-1-2009-1-NL-COMENIUS-CMP International Week organized by the Bremen University (Erasmus Program): 2007, and 2006 in Bremen, Germany.